One big family

Denied rights. Political repression. Racial discrimination. Malnutrition, exploitation, wars and violence. Diseases and poverty. A scarcity of schools and hospitals – and, sometimes, a scarcity of everything. The world goes on, but for millions of people life is extremely hard. Relieving that burden is the purpose of the Costa Family Foundation.

The Costa Family Foundation has to be understood in a very broad way: the family, after all, is a community composed of employees, friends, supporters and volunteers who move from the Dolomites to travel the world’s winding roads. The Costa Family Foundation was founded in 2007 with a specific purpose: to protect and promote the rights of women and children worldwide according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It does so thanks to the direct participation of the Costa family, employees and some volunteers. The Foundation has many completed and ongoing projects in Togo, India, Uganda, Tibet, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Ethiopia. These were all made possible by the practical and tangible support of the Casa’s guests and friends. The Foundation thrives thanks to its volunteers. Each person who is involved shares the Foundation’s principles and values and is an integral part of its evolution, of finding the necessary energy to discover new projects, to find funds to support all the initiatives. These individuals are people who share their experience and enthusiasm, a positive beacon of light which shines on other people, too. They are the engine of the Foundation. Without the help, the support, the vitality, the energy of these people, the Foundation wouldn’t exist.

You can find us in in Africa, Togo and Uganda. You can find us in Afghanistan. You can find us in India and Nepal. We got there by going our own way, favouring small paths over big roads. Because we believe in small things, and that’s where we start. A pencil case, a plant, a cow, a blood donation. Small things have a tendency to grow – a pencil case becomes a school, a plant becomes a field, a cow, while not a cattle, becomes a means of sustenance, a blood donation a way to help children to not to die of malaria. Observing this transformation, seeing projects flourish, gives us the strength to move forward – also thanks to the help of our supporters.