A timeless inn

In the 1930s, Cesco Kostner, Val Badia’s tourism pioneer, decided his beloved skiers – who’d travelled from so far away – needed a space to sleep and eat something good. Hence, the Ladinia was born, an inn which exists out of the flow of time.

One look is all it takes to know the Ladinia is special. A simple building. No embellishments or decorations to make it stand out, and yet stand out it does. A home from another time. That feeling gets stronger as soon as you cross the threshold. Timber-panelled walls and floorboards which creak and whisper sweetly under our weight. The curtains, furniture, the warmth, and intimacy which people feel as soon as they step inside the inn. A unique atmosphere, one of once-upon-a-time world. The inn sings with sweet memories where people and life were simpler and more carefree. Voices from the past inhabit the inn, probably Cesco and his friends who, during winter, at the crack of dawn, would head to Cortina, with their skis on their backs, only to return in the middle of the night.

Thirteen timber-panelled rooms. A restaurant which prepares Ladin meals with an Alpine flair. Live music of a Wednesday. Long seasons because the Ladinia is the first to open and the last to close. In summer and winter. Meaning you can savour autumn and enjoy the wonder of the changing colour palette as the larches shift from yellow, through red, to orange. There’s a certain suffused energy in the inn, fuelled by the concept of a transcendental time. One which adds a touch of magic and fairy tale to everything.