Michele meets Eugenio Rosi

Take a walk on the wine side is a journey, an encounter, a stroll. Among vineyards, hills and cellars it is the wine and those who produce it who are the real protagonists.

Take a walk on the wine side is a series in five short episodes dedicated to some of the most important Italian winemakers who are friends of Casa. Michil Costa meets Clemens Lageder: his family is a symbol of biodynamic culture in South Tyrol. Valentina, maître at La Stüa de Michil, meets Josko Gravner, pioneer of ancestral viticulture. Silvio, head sommelier at La Perla, meets Giovanni Manetti, creator of Flaccianello della Pieve, one of the five original Super Tuscans. Michele, service supervisor of Casa, meets Eugenio Rosi, heroic winemaker from Trentino. David, sommelier at Posta Marcucci, meets Roberto Terzuoli, producer of organic Brunello di Montalcino.

Every Thursday, starting Thursday, July 6, we will publish all episodes weekly.

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