Kicking common sense into the ground

FIFA, a World Cup spanning three continents, all in the name of consumerism galore

It is a truth universally acknowledged that human stupidity knows no limits. We still have not got over the fact the last football World Cup was hosted by Qatar in December 2022, that they have gone and done it again! Teams will vie for the next Cup between the US, Canada, and Mexico, geopolitical borders be damned, kneeling before the global market(place). It cannot get any worse than this. Well, think again! The next fixtures pale in comparison to the 2030 World Cup which will be held between three – yes, three! – continents: Europe, Africa, and South America. I quiver at the mere thought of countless trips, skyrocketing expenses, humongous consumption, be it financial or energy-related. Earth needs humanity to impose a check and balance system and humanity’s kneejerk reaction is to ignore this need. What is more, it relishes its blinkered view, and persists in systematically destroying its home in an unstoppable, absurd and dangerous race for more, more, and more. More, after all, means cashing in more – so why even contemplate stopping? The 2024 UEFA in Germany will revolve around sustainability and net-zero emissions? Pf, hold my Cup, Germany, is what the Worlds seem to say: a World Cup across three continents is where it is at, bowing to mass consumerism the likes you have never seen before. And wait until you see what is in store for 2034! Any guesses to where that will be held? We would wager our own grandmother – surprisingly enough, she still has not been put on sale in this scenario – it is going to be in Saudi Arabia. Protests? Insignificant. And what about the footballers? They rake millions – great hush money, if you ask me. And the fans, the crowds? They are drunk on football itself, people’s opium – the more they get, the better. Good luck, Earth – and good luck to us all. We will certainly need it in the years to come.