Watch out for those two

Val d'Orcia, Bagno Vignoni, albergo Posta Marcucci: In the restaurant's beautiful dining room, complete with panoramic views of the hills and the Rocca d'Orcia, roam two authentic stage performers, Jacopo and David, maître and sommelier respectively. What a show!

One is the master of ceremonies at the restaurant of Posta Marcucci in Bagno Vignoni. The other is the wine charmer who wanders among the tables offering carefully selected bottles, even beyond the borders of Montalcino. The dining room is their stage, and watching them at work brings to mind famous couples from Totò and Peppino, Gentile and Cabrini, the Kessler twins, Raimondo and Sandra, Amadeus and Fiorello, to Beyoncé and Jay Z. But it is especially Roger Moore and Tony Curtis that the two are inspired by and together they really get up to some great things. They are Jacopo and David, maître and sommelier, respectively, on stage every night, or almost every night, in the wonderful hall overlooking Rocca d'Orcia at the Posta Marcucci restaurant. To be assured of the show, reservations are strongly recommended.