What if snow was a Campari bitter?

To paraphrase the well-known advertising slogan created by Depero for the world's most famous Bitter, it will be snowing Campari on Friday 24 February at the Bistrot Music Club. The reason is quickly stated: the legendary bar known as the Camparino, located in the equally legendary Milan Gallery so dear to Boccioni, will move for one evening to the Bistrot at the Hotel La Perla in Corvara. Red will be the dominant colour and from sunset until late into the night, the bitter will leave nothing unpleasant to the mouth. On the contrary, behind the round bar the bartenders from Milan and Casa will dispense delicacies in profusion. All accompanied by music and a desire to have fun. The evening is open to Casa guests and those passing through. Don't miss it, because seeing Campari snowing doesn't happen every day.