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People are our most important asset

People are the beating heart of everything. We believe people truly make the difference in hospitality, facing the everyday challenges of this sector with their dedication, sensitivity, and can-do attitude.

Our CASE are everchanging – which is why we’re selecting staff to integrate existing roles, as well as those which may have a spot in the future. Who are we looking for? Reliable, open-minded people who can work with our guests, in the kitchen, reception, sales, marketing, housekeeping. And maybe you’re exactly who we’ve been looking for all along – and maybe we’re exactly who you’ve been looking for. Get in touch, we’d love to get to know you.

Vera and Valerie and the stage of hospitality

Being at Reception is akin to performing on stage for our audience, i.e. our guests. Reception is like a magnet, everything revolves around this space, people come and go. And we welcome everyone with a smile, which shines the brighter for being able to do so without a mask.

Enrico and Columbus’ egg

In Italy, we have many sayings about eggs: Columbus’ egg, better an egg today than a chicken tomorrow, looking for hairs on an egg, being as full as an egg, walking on eggshells, breaking eggs in the basket. Every time I cook with eggs, I have the same scrambled thoughts and all these sayings about this perfectly designed ingredient come back to me. And spending hours in the kitchen becomes as easy as drinking an egg. Well, not quite.

Caterina and the art of setting a table

Care is the ingredient which makes all the difference when setting a table. Taking care, to me, is a byword for grace. Our chef colleagues always say that flavour truly develops if you know how to feel and listen. How true – silence allows me to listen to the ideas at the heart of my every action.