Posta Marcucci, Val d'Orcia

The Orcia is a small river, yet its valley is fit for royalty

This pocket of Italy is quite wondrous. Water rushes down Mount Amiata, crosses the surrounding hills to join the Ombrone, and then dives into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The river is called Orcia, and it bathes a land where beauty comes as easily as breathing.

Val d’Orcia, southern Tuscany, a mineral mountain and bountiful hills. The cradle of (one) history – the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Etruscans, and Romans. Saint Francis and the Medici Family. Saint Catherine and the history of Italy. Sulphurous waters surfacing here since the dawn of time. Romanic style, frescoes and bellowers, wheat fields and the gentle, rolling hills. Wine, olive oil, the famous Siena paintings, the white roads, the old mines, and fratricidal feuds. Dante, Guelphs and Ghibellines. Humanity’s poverty and wealth. Life flows, and always has, and what better place to live life than in the beneficial waters of our pools? Clouds chase after each other in the sky, and the heavens light up at night with the bright pinpricks of the stars, bathing people and the Rocca d’Orcia overlooking the hotel. An invitation to dream, look at time as it flows by always changing yet ever still. Like a river, following its course without budging, slipping away from us day after day.

its memorable “water square”. A hotel filled with happiness, boasting pools with warm, beneficial waters for pure and genuine bliss. Life’s good when you can relax and be pampered. By the surrounding landscape, the mouth-watering meals, the delicious wines, the warmth of the people, the treatments provided by expert hands. The Posta Marcucci is a way station for relaxation. Hardly surprising, as the Via Francigena is just a stone’s throw from the hotel. Check in, relax, and off you go again. Filled with beauty, peace, and calm. Val d’Orcia is a balm for mind and soul – even in these current times. May peace be with you.