Clear, fresh, cold ega

See how important an insulated Alta Badia water bottle can be

Our Casa is one of many who’ve signed up to the Alta Badia Brand campaign to raise visitors’ awareness of how important it is to save water. As part of the campaign, we’re handing out insulated, one-litre bottles branded Ega (‘water’ in the local Ladin language). Why? Because we understand the urgent need to avoid creating excess waste, and we can do this by refilling the same reusable bottle rather than opening a new plastic bottle every time we get thirsty. We’re using the Ega bottle to launch an awareness-raising campaign and help people take a concrete step. We want to preserve local resources, be a friend to nature, show how water is key to life,and encourage our guests to reduce the amount of plastic waste they create.

Some hard numbers show how important a simple, symbolic campaign like Ega can be: by 2030, not everyone will have access to fresh water. Supply will outstrip demand by 40%. Over the last 300 years, humanity has destroyed over half the wetlands in Europe, the US and China. Pollution, overexploitation, and climate change all pose threats to this precious resource. It takes over 17,000 litres of water to make a kilo of chocolate; over 15,000 for a kilo of beef; over 10,000 for a kilo of cotton; well over 3,000 litres for a kilo of cheese. Reusing the same bottle to save water is a small thing with a big impact, and we can all do it every day. We’re encouraging all our guests to grab one of our Ega bottles and make saving one of our most precious shared resources, mountain ega, part of your day.