A fairytale come true

Autumn at the Ladinia is a season of wonder and magic: the larches explode in a deluge of colours, the air becomes crisper and lighter – taking a deep breath is all you need to feel giddy with excitement and joy.

Our inn is unique for many reasons – indeed, you can swing by whenever you want, and not just during the peak season in summer and winter. We open our doors in spring, when the crocuses start popping up across the meadows, and we close for a well-deserved rest when the larches start shaking off their lighter green capes and wear brighter colours. The Dolomites off-season are truly a sight to behold!

Many people don’t appreciate autumn for all it is: they simply see it as a season filling in the time between summer and winter. Oh, how wrong can people be. Autumn in Corvara and the Ladinia is all about intense colours and emotions. Pink-hued mountains at sunset, and larches donning colourful outfits are all united by the musical silence in the air. The area is calmer, quieter and the Ladinia comes across as even more genuine, being one of the few hotels open in this period. A veritable sanctuary for body and soul.


Autumn is ideal for walking, exploring the woods, cycling around, and eating good food here at the Casa. The Stuben are nice and warm, you can order infusions and teas, and the aperitifs are simply divine. All that’s left is to wait for a magical dinner.


The young team who heads the inn has merged, seamlessly, into the ambience of this place where

time seems to stand still. And even the kitchen team knows how to surprise us. Take the

canederlo, for example. This round dumpling is perfect, so all we did was add to that perfection to

create and even more delicious dish: a dumpling made with Good-King-Henry, shitake, fermented

carrots and daykon, with a sprinkling of paprika infused fried onion. A hymn to traditions, a hymn

to autumn.


Autumn is a time for peace, happiness, and intimacy. The hiking paths and trails are empty, and

even the bike paths are a joy to explore, without a car or bike in sight. If you love nature, dive

headfirst into the lush, wild forests and take a deep breath of crisp mountain air.


The Dolomites in autumn are the gift that keeps on giving. Come and explore them with us until 2

November. See you soon.