Equality is the cornerstone of our homes, our “case”. It seeps into their very walls and guides our every action.

Italy, the Bel Paese. Bella Italia: but “bella” for who?
A woman is murdered every three days in Bella Italia.
And yet women often make the difference in Bella Italia.
A woman is still considered an object, a saint, a tart in Bella Italia.
And yet women are an important part of Bella Italia. Without them, Italy would be stuck in a rut.

The text above is the preface of our recent campaign dedicated to women. More than a campaign, its aim was to thank and acknowledge all those women who are a vital part of their community, and yet are still the victims of discrimination, insults, affronts, violence.

Our C-suite boasts more women than men. In the Casa, women head teams, welcome guests, take care of the rooms, answer emails and calls, oversee the restaurants. Their work brings our Case ever closer with our concept of hospitality. Hospitality means equality, a concept which nowadays seems to be nothing more than a buzzword. Equality here, equality there: when this word is repeated without truly understanding what it means then its significance is indeed weakened. We want equality to reign supreme, as we’re well aware what the women of our Case are made of. We’ve all got to roll up our sleeves, as the world outside our walls can still be a place where disrespect and misogyny are rife. It’s time to do something about it.