Michil Costa’s book

Michil Costa has written FuTurismo, and the book (available in Italian and German) recounts the story of the Dolomites and their evolution as seen through the prism of tourism

Michil’s book is a long, passionate journey discovering the mountains and their history, the encounters he’s made, and the stories he’s experienced as the mountains have changed.

Massimo Cacciari

Tourism, here and now, and the future. Michil Costa’s book, available in Italian and German, is a heartfelt appeal to stand up against the monoculture tourism has become. It wants to be a pathfinder for the quintessence of hospitality. What is the quintessence of hospitality? It certainly isn’t consumption, doubling overnight stays, and gluttonous expansion of one’s premises. It isn’t a vague concept which rips away our identity, pushes us off balance, away from the grounded stance we need – one foot in the past, the other in the future. Hospitality is about giving an outstanding welcome. It’s based on strong values such as solidarity, the Common Good, environmental sustainability, and togetherness as part of the same community – humanity. Hospitality has been, indeed, abused in a world where reckless, greedy tourism has trivialised the mountains’ sacred nature, one which has been cherished by locals for centuries. Tourism and its unstoppable industry breached states of minds and actual states, encroaching upon borders and conquering peaks, giving access to the masses, transforming mountains into a simple and banal mass consumer product. The same story repeats itself for the seas and oceans, the countryside, or any other type of natural landscape which has become a mere shadow of itself, a frozen ready meal for whoever wants to experience something without fully understanding its nature. Hospitality. Ha! What does hospitality mean in the contemporary kingdom of non-things? The book sheds some light on the matter. Will it be enough? Far from it. But it’s a good start.