The resurrection of peace

As we all know, Easter is the day in which Jesus Christ came back to life. In Christian dogma, he resurrects three days after his death, while humanity will resurrect all together “on the last day”. Easter is a day for celebration, and the peak of solemnity in the liturgical calendar.

Last year, Pope Francis dedicated his urbi et orbi address and blessing to peace. Today, peace is more important than ever: there are too many wars ravaging our world, and too many resulting tragedies. In Ukraine, Palestine, Libya, Syria. Across the Middle East the tension is palpable, and the same applies to certain African countries. And let’s not forget about Asia. It seems as though humanity has a strong desire for war, as though we couldn’t find alternatives to address the messes we create. And we continue producing more sophisticated weapons, spending a king’s ransom on them – resources which should be invested in anything other than war.

What we need is peace to face the enormous environmental problem, which should be our only property, and front and centre on the decisionmakers’ agenda; a constant thought guiding each and everyone’s behaviour.

In this corner of the world, we gift each other Easter eggs. A custom which is deeply rooted in ancient pagan traditions, a symbol for fertility, wealth, and rebirth. May our Easter eggs be filled with goodwill, and may peace resurrect in each and every one of our hearts and minds, overcome by selfishness, blindness, and the gaping hole left by our lack of charity. May a welcoming, open spirit resurrect in our hearts, one bathed in the soft glow of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Happy Easter, everyone.