A bittersweet flavor

The team’s Christmas

For those working in the hotel industry, or anyway far from home, the Italian proverb “Natale con i tuoi”,
meaning “Christmas with your family”, is unfortunately not all that applicable.
On the contrary. Of all the seasons, Christmas is one of the most difficult periods.
We feel the distance more acutely, because wherever we turn, we are reminded that the festivities are upon us.

In our Case, from the Dolomites to Val d’Orcia, there is a sober, serene air, and everyone puts in their best efforts to make every place the most comfortable, to create an even more intimate atmosphere, and this is done voluntarily, there is no doubt about it. However… However, still for our colleagues that live far away from their wives, children, brothers, sisters, friends, partners – the weight of nostalgia, of knowing that such an important moment will not be shared together, is present and painful. 


At Casa Perla we prepare in our own way. We even have a choir, and on the 23rd we sing all together, with a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of Panettone in the other. And the next day, the same choir appears before the guests, and everything is back to the way it always was. The guests enjoy the special spirit together with their families and sometimes it even snows. We work to our level best, without giving too much attention to that vague sentiment of melancholy meandering through our hearts. We think ourselves sailors, even if we are in the mountains, and we count the days until we are docked back at our home. To then depart once more, of course.