Trippa for Afghanistan

A solidarity lunch with chef Diego Rossi (of Trippa Milano) in support of the 'Secret Schools - RAWA' project against the ban on education imposed by the Taliban regime.

Girls over 12 cannot go to school in Afghanistan any longer! Over a year ago, the Taleban closed all secondary schools for girls, yet again breaching another fundamental right of the women in the country. They already could not practise sports, play music, perform the arts, and cannot work or travel unless chaperoned by male relatives. And now this.

Mariam, a RAWA spokesperson, joined by “Insieme si Può”, an association which has been working for 20 years on women empowerment and emancipation in Afghanistan and beyond, says: “They are devasted, mentally and morally. They feel hopeless. They were determined to continue their education, however currently there is no other option for them but to leave school. That is why they are so desperate: they cannot go to classes, lessons, education centres. They were already in different buildings, in classes where they were the only girls, and the teaching staff was composed of only women. Now they cannot even attend those.”

Daniele Giaffredo (Director of “Insieme si Può…”) adds: “The situation describes the sad failure of the presence and mostly military campaign which the West carried out over the last 20 years. A failure and shame which will, sooner rather than later, push the focus of our media away from the everyday barbarities in Afghanistan.” We fight against the prevailing narrative and are dedicated to ensuring the hope for a brighter future and the spotlight on this terrible situation never blink out.

The women of the RAWA movement did not give in to the Taleban’s authoritarian control. In an effort to nurture the hope in the country and build a future for all girls and women, they tapped into a wellspring of determination and courage to create a network of clandestine schools. The network boasts around 50 schools in Kabul and across the country. The classes are held in private property such as garages, warehouses, or in large rooms in homes, and are open to girls older than 12 – who can no longer attend school – and young women. The teachers are members of RAWA.

The girls and women as well as the teachers face considerable risks by participating. Hence the need to create a safety net, which we have contributed to by participating towards the teachers’ compensation (around €100 a month), purchasing books and stationery (around €10 for a “school kit”), cover transport and security costs as well as guaranteeing heating during the colder months.

To support the act of resistance carried out by these incredible women, we have organised a lunch with the help of twelve chefs. All proceeds will be donated to support female education in Afghanistan.

“Costa Family & Friends - Trippa x l’Afghanistan” will take place on Sunday, 23 July, at midday. A day to celebrate and raise awareness about this project featuring our dear friend Diego Rossi, from the Trippa Restaurant in Milan, joined by the four chefs of Casa Costa and Pastry Chef Annalisa Borella.

Live music and an exhibition curated by Carla Dazzi focusing on Afghan women will take place against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dolomites, in the La Perla Hotel’s garden in Corvara. The event will be rounded off by an in-depth look at the Costa Family Foundation and its projects. A day we hope will be about beauty and a feast for the palate and the soul.

Moments like these are even more beautiful when shared with generous, good-hearted people who want to support our projects in a tangible manner. We’d be honoured to have you join us on this day.

Join us for an unforgettable lunch which will change the lives of women in Afghan and work towards a future full of hope achieved through education.

Do not miss out on this chance to contribute, and