Vanessa and Valentina – wine galore

Both women come from one of the best wine-growing regions in Italy – Friuli Venezia Giulia – and appreciate a good glass of wine – united by their common passion, they form a sisterhood of wine. Words aren’t necessary when it comes to a bottle of wine, ready to reveal its secrets and virtues. A nectar, once dear to the gods, which has now turned into the most loved beverage in the world

Blood is thicker than water, and no saying could be truer than when looking at Vanessa and Valentina. Their father instilled his love and passion for wine into them. And yet this only represented the first step in a journey made of plenty of studying, travelling, and meeting the right people. A life committed to wine, based on research and hands-on practice. And where does that leave us? Va and Va go on to become sommeliers, of course.

Both are firmly convinced that when we speak of wine, we need to look beyond what floats in the bottle: the label is just one element in a complex world made up of people, wine producers, and the land the vines and grapes grow on. It’s a whole new culture. What really fascinates them is the relation which arises between the product and producer. That’s why, at the end of the season in the Casa, they travel looking for “lost wine”, finding it thanks to their exceptional nose. Vanessa favours natural wine, while Valentina loves Nebbiolo, Langhe, and Piedmont. And what lies behind Piedmont? Why France, of course, and Spain: Bordeaux and Rioja await, as does Rodano.

Their love for wine shines through, and so when they first heard the La Perla was home to the Mahatma wine – one of the most important wine cellars in Europe – they decided to swing by for a visit. That was five years ago, and they still haven’t left. Cheers!