Winter is around the corner – so what better way to ring it in than with a brand-new surprise? From 7 December onwards, come and join us at the Weinstube in the Stüa de Michil, and take a seat at the Incö table. Incö is Ladin for ‘today’, and its origins can be traced back to Latin - hinc hodie.

Incö is the brainchild of Simone Cantafio and his team at the La Stüa de Michil. It aims to give our guests the quintessence of high cuisine without any of its cliched representations. Ingredients which embody a raw, genuine flavour, cared for our farmer friends – guardians of Mother Nature – expression of centuries-old traditions which are slowly dwindling away.

A menu which serves conviviality, hospitality, humanity, identity, and centuries-old memories – all enjoyed at a very special table at the Weinstube in La Stüa de Michil. Gone are the trappings of a Michelin restaurant, replaced by courses which are the distilled quintessence of a respectful and loving relation between our chefs and the farmers. The result? Mouthwatering meals.

Take the Villnösser Brillenschaf, for example, Gunter’s sheep with their peculiar, rimmed eyes – and his honey, Speck, pork, turkey, mountain salt and a centuries-old buckwheat variety; Marlene’s geese, roaming free on the meadows, as white as now; and George’s fruit and vegetables – all grown at 1,500 m above sea level.

Incö is the result of a feverish pursuit for the perfect ingredient, a marriage of genuine, home cuisine and over twenty years of experience in starred restaurants. Incö is a gateway to genuine, soulful food, serving delicious meals which fill our guests with joy. Incö - today: a step towards hospitality steeped in exquisite moments.

Incö is all about selecting ingredients on the day, meaning no two menus will be the same. We ask you to book the Weinstube with at least 24 hours’ advance notice. Simone Cantafio and his team will prepare and serve the three-course menu: Italian starters, a main to share, and dessert.

Incö, the beating heart of nature.

From 7 December onwards. Stüa de Michil, Hotel La Perla, Corvara, Dolomites